Animal Crossing Vine remakes are the best thing on Twitter right now

All of your wholesome Animal Crossing pals are recreating Vines, thanks to the work of animators on Twitter. Now, you can watch Isabelle, K.K. Slider, Tom Nook, and others star in popular Vines like “Adam Vape Fail” and “I love you bitch” to your hearts content. The videos, originally from Twitter user Chan, have gone viral and inspired other users to make their own.

The trend all started when people started making parodies of the already popular “here’s the mf tea” video on TikTok. Different variations on the video starting cropping as it went viral on TikTok. When Chan saw the videos going viral, he thought about making his own version.

“At first, I didn’t really have an interest in thinking of an edit for it but by what feels like chance, I imagined Isabelle reenacting it,” he told Polygon. “Maybe it was because the original girl was cute with a higher pitched voice and that subconsciously made me think of Isabelle?”

His Isabelle version of the video exploded in popularity and now sits with 1.9 million views on Twitter. That inspired him to make Animal Crossing versions of Vines.

“I already knew how popular vines were so when I thought about what other videos I could do it with, Vines were what came to mind. A couple videos in, and I realized how much I like using Animal Crossing characters. They and their voices are so cute, and they are easy to animate since they have very simple bodies.”

Chan uses a program called Cinema4d. He uses models ripped from the game to create the scene and animates the characters by hand. Then comes the hardest part, editing in the jibber jabber talk of the Animal Crossing world, a language called “animalese.”

“I use a super limited amount of audio samples and a program to change the pitch and timing to try and replicate the inflection in their voice as best as I can.”

The level of detail of the recreations are impressive. In this remake of the “I’m not gonna let you get the chance,” the tone and intonation of Tom Nook in animalese closely resembles the way the radio host in the original Vine says it.

For a another comparison, here is a side by side comparison of the classic Vine “I love you bitch I ain’t never gonna stop loving you bitch” and its Animal Crossing counterpart. How dare K.K. Slider call Isabelle that (even if the term is scientifically correct)?


So no head?

“When u and ur friend end up wearing the same shirt”

Since Chan’s viral videos, others have made their own versions of Animal Crossing vines. Here is Isabelle’s rendition of “Adam smoke fail.”

Seeing such wholesome franchise characters act completely unhinged adds a new layer of comedy to the videos. It’s about time we see them beyond their shiny, E for Everyone veneer. To watch even more videos or keep up to date with the latest Animal Crossing Vines, check out Chan’s Twitter.

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