Devolver Digital says one of its indies was plagiarized by a self-care app

Gris is a moving game about working through trauma. The debut effort from Nomada Studio, a small team in Barcelona, Spain, it ranks among our top 50 games of 2018. One of the things that pushed it to the fore was its remarkable art style and unique animations. Now, publisher Devolver Digital says, those features have been plagiarized by the makers of a health and fitness app.

“The Fabulous app (@GetTheFabulous) ripped off GRIS,” Devolver tweeted this morning, “and is a reminder to all devs to be mindful of big companies and brands stealing creative work from smaller studios.”

The video evidence Devolver provides is fairly damning. It the uncanny similarities between The Fabulous’ animations and the main character in Gris. Both have a flowing gown that billows around them; both sit in the palm of a similarly massive hand; both move with remarkable grace in exactly the same ways. Devolver’s attempt at publicly shaming the makers of the app has so far been retweeted more than 750 times, including by the team at Nomada.

According to TechCrunch, The Fabulous was founded in 2013 and is based in Paris, France. It’s designed to help users build healthy habits, including tracking sleep schedules and reminding them to drink more water. In 2018 it was included in the Apple App Store’s Best Apps of 2018, and was a finalist in the Google Play Awards. Gris is available on Nintendo Switch and Windows PC via Steam.

Polygon has reached out to both parties for comment.

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