Switch gets Jesus game about saving worshippers from horrific deaths

The Savior’s Gang is a game where you lead your followers into the promised land — but getting them into heaven won’t be easy. The journey toward enlightenment requires worshippers to survive traps and disasters threatening to crush, burn, drown, infect, and skewer them, all because god is angry that humanity crucified his son.

Technically, The Savior’s Gang doesn’t outright name Jesus, but the long-haired depiction and crucification story taking place in Jerusalem make it pretty clear that’s who we’re talking about here. The game even shows the Savior’s avatar as the ruined Jesus fresco that made headlines back in 2012:

Catness Game Studios

Curiously, your followers seem to be vulnerable lemmings who must be protected at all costs. Likely, you’ll lose some along the way, but that’s a part of the fun.

Here’s Catness Game Studios on what players can expect:

The faithful will cross different levels, from the old fields of Jerusalem, to the very gates of hell, passing through high sacred mountains, dark caves, warm deserts and forests. In each of these locations there are different traps and difficulties of each level: strange gadgets, trees that fall, magma eruptions, fragile ice … At each level new followers will be found, and they will increase the group of survivors, increasing the chances of surviving, which in turn, making it difficult to manage a large group of people.

The Savior’s Gang is also out on Steam, and set to release on other consoles and mobile platforms before the end of the year.

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