The Best Nintendo Switch Deals and Bundles 2019

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If you’re looking for a new Nintendo Switch and you want to save a little money, you’re in luck. Walmart’s incredible Nintendo Switch bundle deal remains the best way to grab yourself a new Switch and save.

It’s not the only bundle on sale, either. There are other chances to save with a new Nintendo Switch deal, but you can also grab yourself the special edition Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu Nintendo Switch bundle, too. It’s not on sale, but it’s still in stock, which seems like it should be impossible. But it’s not!

Whether you’re looking to grab storage or grab a game and some other gear, it’s a great time to be in the market for a new Nintendo Switch.

Looking for some games? Check out the latest Nintendo Switch game deals and save on some of the best Nintendo Switch games around.

Here are the best deals on Nintendo Switch consoles right now:

Nintendo Switch with Starlink Starter Pack and Accessory for $309

The second best deal on Nintendo Switch has everything you need to start your journey into the world of Nintendo Switch. Pick from grey or neon red/blue console, then add one of the following Nintendo Switch games:

  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • Super Mario Party
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Splatoon 2

I personally recommend Breath of the Wild, but that’s just because I think it’s the best game ever. This Switch bundle deal now includes an Ematic USB-C to HDMI adapter with built-in card reader, as well as either a Super Mario or Mario Kart enamel pin. All that for $329.99.

  • Build Your Bundle at Walmart for $329.99

Nintendo Switch Let’s Go Pikachu Bundle Back in Stock


I thought we’d never see this bundle again, especially not at its list price, and yet, here it is. Get this special edition Nintendo Switch bundle with Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokeball Plus for $399.96. If I were speculating, I would suggest buying this just for the future collectible value, but there is no guarantee of a return on investment, so there’s a lot of risk there.

  • Get the Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu bundle at Walmart for $399.96

Nintendo Switch Mario Tennis Aces/1-2 Switch Bundle

Mario Tennis Aces is a ton of fun, and is a perfect pack-in for new Nintendo Switch consoles. The launch-era 1-2 Switch isn’t quite as delightful as Mario Tennis Aces, but it has some definite high points: it’s fun at parties and it’s essentially free with this bundled deal. Since this bundle is at Walmart, you get free 2-day shipping on it, too. This is the Switch bundle that just keeps on going. When all the other deals have dried up, you can almost always count on this one still being live.

  • Get the Nintendo Switch Mario Tennis Aces/1-2 Switch bundle for $359.56 with free 2-day shipping

Nintendo Switch With 64GB or 128GB Micro SD Card Bundle Deal


Consider one of these Nintendo Switch storage bundles if you’re looking for the perfect bundle to give someone as a gift. A surprising amount of people still think of video game consoles requiring memory cards, and the Switch branding on this SanDisk Micro SD card removes any doubt as to its compatibility.

  • Get the Nintendo Switch and 64GB Micro SD deal for $313.99 at Amazon
  • Get the Nintendo Switch and 128GB Micro SD deal for $325.98 at Amazon

Nintendo Pro Controller on Sale


The Nintendo Pro Controller debuted at $69.99 and even at that price, it’s worth picking up. It’s a really excellent controller. The new price seems to have settled down to $56.99, and it’s been there for quite some time. If you just picked up a Switch, or you’ve had one since launch, grab yourself one of these.

  • Get it at Walmart for $56.99
  • Get it at Amazon for $56.99
  • Get it at Best Buy for $56.99

There are also some good deals on Nintendo Switch games right now, so if you want to start playing some of the console’s best games and you want to save money while you’re doing it, check out the best Nintendo Switch game deals happening right now.

Nintendo eShop Gift Cards:

These aren’t on sale, but they’re a fast and easy way to start filling up your new Nintendo Switch with games.

  • $50 Nintendo eShop Card
  • $25 Nintendo eShop Card
  • $10 Nintendo eShop Card
  • $5 Nintendo eShop Card

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