A Second Apex Legend Character Will Hit During Season 1

A second character will arrive in Apex Legends before the end of Season 1, bringing the roster up to 10 Legends.

The news comes from Sony’s page for Apex Legends on the PlayStation website, which notes that “two new characters will launch over the course of the season”, complete with a full set of cosmetics each.

Developer Respawn had already noted in the Apex Legends roadmap that new characters would arrive each season, but there had been no indication as to how many we could expect. The PlayStation website makes clear, however, that one new Legend will arrive within the next 12 weeks.

Season 1 kicked off with the launch of Octane, a new Legend who appears to be a reference to Titanfall 2’s famous Gauntlet speedrun. But who will join him as Season 1’s second Legend?

A series of leaks and datamines suggest that nine new Legends are planned, with the names Crypto, Husaria, Jericho, Nomad, Prophet, Rampart, Rosie, Skunner, and Wattson having been unearthed by curious players behind the ApexLeaksNews Twitter account.

Of all of these names, Wattson is the one who fans have discovered most about; the character appears to be themed around electricity, with an ability called Tesla Trap discovered by Twitter user RealApexLeaks.

Respawn has offered no indication as to when during Season 1 the new Legend will arrive, but a sensible guess would be the half-way mark (if season 2 kicks off with a new Legend akin to Octane’s launch, releasing a new character towards the end of the current season would create quite a workload for Respawn.) But the only way to find out, of course, is to wait and see.

Matt Purslow is IGN UK’s News and Entertainment Writer, and hasn’t scored a win in Apex since week one. He’s definitely not the next Legend. You can follow him on Twitter. 

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