“Apex Legends”, a battle royal shooter from Respawn Entertainment, has been announced for the 11th season. The community can anticipate some new content thanks to the legend Ash.

It has been teased for years that Ash will be an Apex Legends legend. Those who have followed the initial leaks and theories may already know this. In Season 11, Respawn Entertainment has finally revealed Ash as the new Apex Legend.

You’ve come to the right place if you want the chance to actually play as Ash. Find out what you need to know about Ash, like her skills and who she is.

Ash Apex Legends: who is she? 

In Titanfall 2, there is a drilling rig pilot who’s also a minor antagonist when she was injured while performing her duties as an elite pilot, which resulted in his mind being transferred to a robot.

Later, she joins Apex Predata as a member of Cuben Blisk’s team. Lieutenant Blisk gave her command over the IMC detachment based at the test station in Typhon after he received the rank of lieutenant from Blisk.

But since she was not assigned to a Blisk mission, she had to make new combat simulations, using imprison soldiers as test subjects.

What are Ash’s skills?

With her deadly powers, she becomes the 19th legend of the Apex games on November 2nd. Ash’s capabilities are still unknown. Her skills in Season 11 of Apex Legends are unclear, but we know what they might be.

1. Death Marker – Passive: 

Ash can see where his death box is on the map after an opponent is eliminated, so she can predict where they will go next. She can use her data meter to determine the location of the attackers as soon as she reaches a death box.

2. Bow Leash – Tactical: 

A whirling trap thrown by Ash is inspired by her old Ronin Titan, injuring and tying up enemies as they come close. The bow line remains active as a “trap” for a few seconds once it hits a surface, like a door or ground.

3. Phase crack – Ultimate: 

By using her sword, Ash cuts a one-way portal leading to a location she has specified. Ash enters the portal immediately after it opens, but opponents and allies have a little time to follow.


Overall, this character’s Ash skill combination is very strong for apex legends boosting. It can not only actively find the enemy but also control the enemy and lead her teammates in the hunt. If the skills are used reasonably, it can drive the rhythm of the entire team.

In general, the mobility, skill level, and playability of the role appear to be high. Users can begin playing after the update has been released and experience this role. Additionally, Storm Point, the game’s biggest map, will be opened up as a brand new map in which players can explore and fight.