Apex Legends' Gibraltar Is The Third Character To Get A Unique Revival Animation

Respawn recently released a new update for Apex Legends that implemented several bug fixes and gameplay changes–some of which even hint at upcoming Season 4 content. Among the changes are a few buffs for Gibraltar, one of which allows him to revive teammates more quickly while inside his Dome Shield. The new passive affects more than just gameplay, however, it gives Gibraltar a whole new revival animation.

Noticed by Reddit user Diamantdavid, the new animation reflects the seemingly never-ending positivity that Gibraltar brings to the Apex Games. While outside his shield, Gibraltar will still perform the same revival animation as most of the other legends. However, when inside it, he now reaches down and quickly lifts up his squadmate with one hand, plants them on their feet, and with a hearty laugh gives them a strong pat on the back to send them on their way.

This makes Gibraltar the third legend to have a unique revival animation, the first being Lifeline and the second being Wattson–the former calls in her D.O.C. drone to put up a shield while reviving and the latter uses her Interception Pylon to shock her teammates back onto their feet. Like Lifeline, Gibraltar’s new animation is tied to his gameplay, operating as a visual cue for all nearby players that a quick revive is happening. Though it’s unique, Wattson’s revival is no faster or slower than the other legends; it’s purely cosmetic.

Apex Legends is currently in the midst of a Season 3: Meltdown limited-time event called Grand Soirée Arcade. Continuing until January 28, Grand Soirée Arcade adds seven new modes to Respawn’s battle royale and several new legendary skins to buy in the in-game store. Meltdown is scheduled to end on February 4. Apex Legends is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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