Apex Legends' New Season 4 Character, Forge, Has Been Killed By Revenant

Update: Respawn has pulled another fast one on us. Forge is not Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation’s new character, as he’s been murdered by Revenant–the character originally thought to be the new playable legend for Season 4. Don’t believe that Forge is really dead? You should head on over to Sorting Factory in World’s Edge. You’ll not only find Forge’s death box, you’ll be able to loot it too. Our original story follows.

Apex Legends Season 4 will be called Assimilation. Like the three previous seasons, Assimilation will add a brand-new playable character to the game. Though datamined assets and Fight or Fright’s Shadowfall mode seemed to suggest that Season 4 would be launch with Revenant at the helm, Respawn has revealed that isn’t the case. When Assimilation begins (on February 4), it will add new character Forge to Apex Legends.

Respawn didn’t reveal many details about the new character but did provide a screenshot, which is embedded below. The developer also discussed some of the lore surrounding Forge, who’s being added to the Apex Games as the first corporate-sponsored Legend.

“This guy, he’s the exact opposite of Crypto–who was our last Legend,” Apex Legends game writer Tom Casiello said in the Season 4 Reveal Devstream. “This guy, he’s a brawler, he gets up close and personal with you, he’s got a mean left hook, he’s a five-time Hyperfighting Federation Champion. Big personality.”

Casiello also teased that Forge holds a connection to the Titanfall games as well. “[Forge has] conquered one world–the MMA world–and now he wants to conquer another one with the Apex Games. He’s also the first Legend we’re introducing who’s a corporate sponsor. His sponsor is Hammond Robotics.”

For those who haven’t played the Titanfall games (you should), Hammond Robotics is one of the primary companies within the IMC–the main antagonist of the Titanfall series. Hammond is responsible for creating most of the enemies you fight in Titanfall 2’s campaign (the IMC Spectres, Marvins, and Titans). Apex Legends takes place decades after the IMC has left The Outlands–only for the mysterious Syndicate to take its place and gain favor with the public by founding the Apex Games.

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