Cyberpunk 2077 Coming To Google Stadia Same-Day As Other Platforms

Cyberpunk 2077 is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 19, but CD Projekt Red has now confirmed one more destination for launch day: the streaming platform Google Stadia. You’ll be able to explore Night City just as soon on Stadia as the other major platforms–or possibly a bit faster since you won’t have to wait for a download.

Cyberpunk had previously been confirmed for Stadia since 2019, but CDPR hadn’t announced a release date. We only knew it would be coming sometime this year. This is the first time we’ve heard that the Stadia version is coming alongside the other versions.

The release date is coming about a week after the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X and Series S. Cyberpunk will be playable on those next-gen platforms, but they’ll be the PS4 and Xbox One versions running on the new hardware. Fully upgraded next-gen versions are also in the works, and those upgrades will be free, but they won’t be coming until 2021 or later.

Also revealed during the Night City Wire stream was a custom 1977 Porsche with some futuristic enhancements, driven by the Keanu Reeves character Johnny Silverhand. It has some visual flourishes to match Silverhand’s look and backstory, like red for his Samurai band and silver for his robotic arm.

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