EA Officially Announces FIFA 20, Right Before E3 2019

Update: EA has now confirmed FIFA 20’s release date. The game will launch on September 27. Original story follows.

We’re sure to hear more at E3, but for now, EA has finally confirmed that FIFA 20 is on the way. The publisher did not reveal much else besides the logo, but there was another strange insignia shown in the short teaser clip.

Rather than revealing more information now, EA plans on talking more about this year’s football game at EA Play. The FIFA 20 portion of that livestream kicks off on Saturday, June 8 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM BST (that’s 4 AM AET on June 9).

Despite it having only just been confirmed, EA did share some of FIFA 20’s gameplay changes just recently. Top of the list is AI defending, EA said, with a larger emphasis and incentive placed on manual defending, as opposed to letting the computer defend for you. One of the ways EA plans to do this is by increasing the likelihood a manual tackle will propel the ball to a teammate. Automatic defending will see its overall efficacy reduced and reaction times slowed.

Shooting is also being revamped, with attackers given greater accuracy during easy shooting scenarios, such as being clean through against the ‘keeper. Goalkeepers’ reaction times will be reduced in these situations to resolve the sometimes “superhuman” reactions players complained of. Additionally, the timing window for green timed shots is being reduced to two frames for all shots, and they’ll also be “slightly less precise.” EA did, however, reassure players that green timed shots will “still be more accurate than non-timed shots.”

Lots of work is being done on making passing and shooting more realistic, EA says, especially when it comes to difficult strikes. Volleys will be more variable and less accurate, for example, while 180° and first-time passes will result in “slower/weaker balls.” To compensate, easy situation passes will now be more accurate. Two new passing options will also be introduced: the driven pass-and-go (which will replace the current manual pass button combo) and the dinked pass, which will cease to be an automatic, contextual pass variant and instead be user-controlled only.

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