Goku vs. Naruto: Black-ish star Marcus Scribner settles it in a game of Jump Force

Marcus Scribner is extremely good at Jump Force. I thought I might get the upper hand, because I’d been practicing for a week in anticipation of playing him, but he handed my entire ass back to me with easy charm.

Scribner plays Andre, Jr. on the ABC sitcom Black-ish, and voices Bow on Netflix’s She-Ra adaptation.

“Old Bow was a super swole, middle-aged white man, and it’s such a contrast to how new Bow is,” he told me. He watched a couple episodes of the original cartoon and then quickly decided it would be best to put his own spin on the character. She-Ra goes to lengths to represent different skin colors and body types in its reboot.

“It’s very important for people to be able to see characters who look like them, who talk like them, who act like them,” Scribner says. Similarly, Scribner’s break-out role as the good-hearted and incredibly geeky Junior on Black-ish has been celebrated by black nerds everywhere.

I wanted to play Jump Force with him because he’s a huge fan of anime. Also, our review made me think the game might be easy for me. Scribner somehow found time to watch all of Naruto, including the filler (which is, in his opinion, a must — if you’re going to do something, do it right).

We decided to use Jump Force to answer the most important question of our age. Who would win — Goku or Naruto?

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