GTA Online Will Have Exclusive Content On PS5, Xbox Series X, And PC

Grand Theft Auto V Online will have exclusive content on next-generation platforms. It was previously announced at the PS5 reveal event that GTA V and a standalone version of GTA Online will be coming to next-gen, sometime in the second half of 2021.

During the latest financial earnings call for Take Two, Rockstar’s parent company, the company said that the next generation version of GTA Online will have “additional content exclusive to the new consoles and PC.” No further details were given about the content during the call, but the new content coming in 2021 shows Rockstar’s commitment to GTA V and GTA Online.

The next-gen versions of GTA V and the standalone GTA Online will feature a slew of technical improvements, visual upgrades, and performance enhancements that will take advantage of the new consoles. Take-Two president Karl Slatoff said that the improvements will include making a “more responsive” version of the game. All of this information was a reiteration of the company’s previous announcement about the next-gen version of GTA V and GTA Online.

PlayStation Plus members on PS4 can get $1 million in-game dollars added to their GTA Online bank accounts each month until the launch of the game on GTA V. The standalone version of GTA Online for the PS5 will be free for the first three months for PS5 owners.

Grand Theft Auto V is getting a big summer update sometime soon, with another big update taking heists to a new location coming later this year.

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