New Animal Crossing-Like Game Hokko Life Is Coming To PC

Hokko Life is a new life simulation game where everybody can live out their simple fantasies of gardening, customizing furniture, designing their own clothing and more. It’s the domestic dream come true.

Like others have pointed out, it’s quite like Animal Crossing for the PC. Your village includes anthropomorphic community members that you interact with and build stuff for. What might set it apart from Animal Crossing is the deeper gardening and fishing experience that solo developer, Robert Tatnell, mentions will be added as the game develops into its full release. Currently, Hokko Life has different fishing spots and requires you to take unique approaches to different types of fish. What the comprehensive farming experience looks like is less clear, and we’ll have to find out when Hokko Life is fully released sometime in Q1/Q2 2021. (That means we should expect to see the game out sometime between January and June 2021.) You’ll be able to get Hokko Life through Steam Early Access this year and as for the price, that isn’t set yet either.

In the meantime, you can hang out in the game’s discord for “behind the scenes stuff and general chitter-chatter” here.

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