New Apex Legends Fight Or Fright Trailer Gives The Battle Royale A Halloween Makeover

Respawn has released a new trailer for Fight or Fright, Apex Legends’ first Season 3: Meltdown limited-time event. The event will see the return of Kings Canyon, the addition of a new mode, an assortment of Halloween-themed skins, and a possible teaser for a brand-new character.

The trailer begins with Wraith and Pathfinder under fire while in Kings Canyon. Seeing a portal, Pathfinder tries to escape into it, jumping through before Wraith can fully warn him that the portal doesn’t belong to her. Pathfinder ends up in a nightmarish version of Kings Canyon, one overseen by a shadow-like entity. Pathfinder teams up with the Halloween versions of his fellow Legends to escape, but the foes they each defeat rise up as living shadows that continue to hunt the Legends down. The trailer ends with Pathfinder ultimately finding his way back to the portal and returning to the normal Kings Canyon.

What Pathfinder stumbled into is Shadowfall, the new mode tied to Fight or Fright. For a limited-time, you’ll be able to drop in this solo mode that takes place in the nightmare Kings Canyon. If you’re killed, your deathbox will spawn killer spiders and you’ll drop onto the map again as a member of the Shadow Squad–beings with enhanced speed and melee damage. Your goal is to survive until there are only 10 players left, and then work together to flee to the dropship. If you die and return as a member of the Shadow Squad, you can still win by working with your fellow shadows to kill off the remaining survivors before they can escape to the dropship.

During the event, Halloween-themed items will be available for you to unlock as well. Most are skins which–as seen in the trailer–dress up the Legends in Halloween costumes. You can unlock a cowboy costume for Mirage, for instance, or a spooky scarecrow outfit for Bloodhound. If you happen to unlock all of the new epic and legendary cosmetics, you’ll be rewarded with Lifeline’s heirloom.

Though it’s not confirmed, the Fight or Fright trailer may also further tease Apex Legends’ twelfth playable character. The shadow-like entity that is overseeing Shadowfall has a similar outline to Revenant–a character first seen in Season 3: Meltdown’s launch trailer, revealed in further detail via a leaked screenshot alongside new character Crypto, and then officially teased in a tweet by Respawn level designer Alex Graner. Revenant’s rumored ultimate ability is Death Recall, allowing them to use a totem to resuscitate squadmates without the need to retrieve their respawn banner–which may explain how the overseer is able to keep the Legends from fully dying in Shadowfall.

Fight or Fright will continue from October 15 to November 5.

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