New Doki Doki Literature Club Content Is Coming From The Game's Creator

Doki Doki Literature Club, the much-loved, surprising 2017 visual novel, will receive new content in 2020. The game’s creator, Dan Salvato, has tweeted about his plans for 2020, expressing a desire to “reclaim his happiness” so that he can pass it onto others as well. Part of this will involve creating new content for Doki Doki Literature Club, although he says that he is not making a sequel.

It’s not clear if this means DLC for the game, which is free to play on Steam, or a standalone spin-off. The original game, which features twists and turns that we will not spoil here, is regarded well for how it plays on genre expectations.

Along with making new content for his smash hit, Salvato is working on a follow-up, which has been on hold for the last two years. In September 2018, Salvato posted on his personal site to let people know that he was busier than expected, which was delaying his follow-up game.

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