One Of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's Big New Features Is… Doors

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is bringing back the acclaimed franchise with a reboot that aims to rethink what makes a gritty shooter set in real-world conflict. That means new additions and innovations to add layers of authenticity, and one of those is just a-door-able.

It’s doors. Yes, like the kind in your house. As detailed in our hands-on multiplayer impressions, the addition of functional doors makes a big difference in combat.

“You can use doors in a variety of ways, just by opening and closing them to create or eliminate sightlines,” wrote Phil Hornshaw. “Opening a door while aiming down your gunsights lets you peek through–and maybe toss in a flashbang or grenade. Sliding into a door or using a melee attack lets you kick it in, potentially disorienting people on the other side, but it’s a loud approach that gives away your position.”

Doors have other uses as well. They can be breached with explosives to make a flashy entrance, or you can hide claymores behind them to set a trap. Listening closely can give you information about enemy movements, and you can even snipe through them. It’s just one example of how small and seemingly mundane changes can make for a more realistic experience and have an impact on gameplay.

We have a lot more details out of our hands-on impressions and the accompanying multiplayer livestream, so check out even more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare coverage.

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