Spelunky 2 Online Multiplayer Won't Be On PC At Launch

Spelunky 2 has arrived on PS4 already, and a PC release is fast approaching–but one component will be missing at launch. In an update ahead of the game’s September 29 launch, it’s been revealed that online multiplayer has been delayed by a few weeks.

In an update on Steam, the team has announced that, because “online multiplayer had a bit of a rocky start on PS4,” they’re delaying this mode on PC. “Sorry, we know that’s disappointing for players who were excited to jump right into online co-op on day one,” the post reads. “Until very recently we were still hoping that we would be able to launch with it as planned.”

However, when online multiplayer does arrive, hopefully within “a few weeks,” the game will support cross-platform play with the PS4 version. There’s also a plan to introduce online PvP modes, too, which are currently in the works.

At launch, the full single-player Adventure Mode will be available, and you’ll be able to play Arena Mode as a local multiplayer title, too. The game will be discounted by 10% at launch on Steam, down from $20 to $18.

GameSpot reviewed the PS4 version of Spelunky 2, and gave it an 8/10. If you’ve been struggling, check out our beginner’s tips for successful spelunking.

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