Upgrade to no-compromises 1080p gaming with this $180 MSI Radeon RX 590

We’ve been keeping our eye on Radeon RX 590 prices this week, but we haven’t been that impressed with the sale prices—until today. Newegg is seling an 8GB MSI Armor Radeon RX 590 for $180Remove non-product link with the checkut code VGASAV36E. In addition, this card comes with three months free of Xbox Game Pass for PC, giving you access to more than 100 games including Metro: Exodus and (as of September 10) Gears 5.

The Radeon RX 590 is an excellent 1080p gaming card that should have no trouble running most AAA games on Ultra graphics settings. There may be some occasions where you have to dip down to High, but in general the RX 590 should perform very well. In addition, it’s got some beginner 1440p capabilities if you’re thinking of upgrading your monitor.

MSI’s Armor cards are loaded with double ball bearing fans that are supposed to run silent and last longer than traditional graphics card fans. The card also has a “premium” heatsink with airflow control. We haven’t reviewed this particular card, but overall it should provide some solid gaming for a few good years.

[Today’s deal: MSI Armor 8GB Radeon RX 590 for $180 with promo code VGASAV36E at Newegg.Remove non-product link]

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