Fe developer Zoink announces chancy new adventure, Lost in Random

Zoink Games, best known for its charming fantasy exploration tale Fe, today announced that it’s working on a new action adventure.

Lost in Random is “set in a beautifully dark and vivid world” where players defeat enemies and solve puzzles to progress. Like Fe, the game will be published under Electronic Arts’ indie label EA Originals.

Concept art released today shows a girl or woman holding a glowing bow and arrow, while giants battle in the distance. She is accompanied by a small, walking gaming dice. At an EA event today, Zoink’s founder Klaus Lyngeled said that the game will include elements of chance as well as skill, suggesting that the dice will be required to roll at some point.

“It’s a really dense, vivid universe with lots of story and characters,” said Lyngeled. “It’s a fully-fledged world that’s about randomness.” No release date has been announced for the PlayStation 4 title.

EA Originals also unveiled RustHeart, an action-RPG from Glowmade. It’s a co-op game featuring a human and a giant robot, which players build and personalize. Meanwhile, Hazelight Studios, the EA Originals indie which created prison break co-op adventure A Way Out, announced that it’s working on “a completely new” co-op game, though no details were given.

EA Originals released a promo video (below) showing brief clips from Lost in Random and RustHeart as well as developer interviews.

On July 5, EA Originals will release Sea of Solitude by Jo-Mei Games, which was unveiled at E3 last year. It’s one of Polygon’s most anticipated games of the year.


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