Five-year run in Minecraft hardcore mode ends with a whimper

The longest-ever run on Minecraft’s perma-permadeath hardcore mode ended this week after five years, and it ended in a most agonizing fashion for the record holder, too.

Philza appears to have been caught with his pants down in several ways here, some of his predicament being plain bad luck. He happened to be wearing his Elytra wings when one of those aggravatingly fast zombie babies spawned, in full gold enchanted armor. That means Philza was comparatively naked (no chestplate) while the baby zombie was sponging up the damage.

“I knew it,” Philza snarls as soon as he realizes what he’s up against.

“Fuckin full armor baby zombie will fuck your day,” redditor Jbau01 cogently observed, “especially while on fire.”

True.dat. But how does fuckin full armor baby zombie catch fire? Philza hit it with his fire sword. So the baby zombie was burning through the chestplate-less Philza at an alarming rate — enough that Philza was finally taken down by a spider when he tried to run away. But many Minecraft-savvy viewers noted the contents of Philza’s inventory and the very simple ways in which he could have saved himself.

There’s a golden apple, for one, that would have regenerated all of his health. And had he set down a water bucket, the mobs wouldn’t have been able to get to him. In the aftermath, Philza wonders why he didn’t use that, either; apparently he panicked.

Hardcore mode plays for keeps. Not only is there no respawning, and not only is it locked to the hardest difficulty, once you croak, that’s it. In single-player, the world is erased; if it’s in multiplayer, the player is locked to spectator mode for the world they were in.

So that baby zombie definitively brought to an end Philza’s five-year reign, by far the longest known to anyone. In the r/LivestreamFail thread spotlighting the death, someone asked what the longest current survival streak is, and the answer is “couple weeks.”

There’s truly nothing that can be done, not even restarting from scratch. Press your Fs for Philza in the comments.

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