Fortnite introducing Apex Legends-style respawns in next patch

Fortnite may be in a controversial state of balance right now, but that hasn’t slowed Epic down from updating the game. The developer announced on Friday afternoon that next week’s Fortnite patch will include one of the biggest new introductions since launch with Reboot Vans. These are special vans parked around the world that allow you to respawn fallen squad mates.

This feature, which Apex Legends helped popularize, will work similarly to other battle royale games. When a squad mate dies, you’ll have to collect their Reboot Card. Reboot Cards will drop along with an allies loot when they get eliminated. Once you have the Reboot Card you, or any other squad member, can take it to a Reboot Van and bring the teammate back to life.

Using a Reboot Van is always a risk, according to Epic. Activating a van causes a loud honking sound — not unlike the one the Battle Bus makes at the start of a match. It also sends a column of light into the sky, and lets surrounding players know how many people will be respawning.

Fans have speculated about a respawn feature since the beginning of season 8, when vans were initially visible in the game’s replay mode. Players immediately pegged the vans as respawn points, especially in light of Apex Legends launching with the feature just a few weeks earlier.

It’s unclear how the addition of respawns will affect Fortnite. Epic removed health-on-elimination because the developer said it was causing too much aggressive play. With the addition of respawns for squad mates, Epic may feel the game can support a more aggressive play style, since eliminations won’t be as punishing.

We’ll have to wait until the Reboot Van launches with Fortnite patch 8.30, which should be on either Tuesday, April 9 or Wednesday, April 10.

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