New Last Of Us 2 Story Details Revealed During State Of Play

During the September 2019 State of Play event, Sony and Naughty Dog revealed more details about the story of The Last of Us Part II. Up until now, we knew very little about the sequel’s plot aside from Ellie’s role as the protagonist–and her more violent bent since the events of the first game. We may not know a ton more about the story, but there are some key takeaways from the new trailer, including characters that are still alive in the sequel. You can watch the trailer above.

Possibly the biggest revelation from this new trailer is that Joel is still alive in Part II. This wasn’t a huge question mark with the sequel, as he was in the brief reveal trailer, but some time has passed since the events of the first game. We also see Tommy, Joel’s brother, who played a part in one section of the original game. The beginning of the trailer shows a well-lit settlement, and all signs–including Joel’s and Tommy’s survival–point to at least one area that is relatively safe.

Dina, the girl Ellie kisses in the E3 2018 trailer, is likely Ellie’s previously confirmed NPC companion. We see them on horseback together, apparently on a supply run of some kind. The new trailer hints that something bad might happen to Dina, though through the magic of editing and the theater of the imagination, it’s not certain. We also see Ellie and Dina smoking what appears to be a joint, so it seems their settlement has both electricity and downtime.

These details are small, but they give a better idea of the direction of Part II’s story. The Last of Us first released on PS3 in 2013; if you haven’t played the original and want to catch up before the sequel launches, a remastered version is available on PS4, and it will be free on PS Plus in October. The Last of Us Part II releases on February 21, 2020 on PS4.

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