Overwatch launches new in-game challenge with a Baptiste skin

A new challenge goes live in Overwatch today, and players who participate can earn in-game rewards — most notably, a new skin for Baptiste, the latest hero to join the game. The skin was teased in a short story yesterday, where Baptiste reunites with some old Talon teammates and has to make some hard decisions about his future.

As with the short story Bastet in January, starring Ana and Soldier: 76, players can log in and complete challenges to earn a set of Baptiste-themed cosmetics.


The event begins today, June 18, and runs until July 1. On top of the new skin, players can earn seven sprays and an icon. Here are all of the rewards currently obtainable, and how to get them.

Based on how Blizzard handled the Bastet challenge and the Nano Cola event for D.Va, these rewards won’t return for quite some time — if ever — so make sure you get your games in quickly if you’re a big fan of Baptiste.

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