PlayStation Plus’ new Premium tier means more work for some game developers

Sony will require some PlayStation game developers to create trial versions of their games as part of changes coming to its PlayStation Plus subscription service, according to a new report from Game Developer. Those trial versions will reportedly be required to last at least two hours long, if the game being sold costs $34 or more.

The news comes after Sony announced it would be revamping its PlayStation Plus service and adding new subscription tiers in June. A new tier of that service, named PlayStation Plus Premium, offers time-limited game trials in addition to classic games from multiple PlayStation console generations.

Sony will reportedly give developers up to three months after a game’s launch on the PlayStation Store to release a timed trial. If developers would like to submit a demo in lieu of a trial version, then Sony will reportedly approve those games on a case-by-case basis. Game Developer, citing development sources, says the requirements are not retroactive and do not apply to new PlayStation VR titles.

Polygon has reached out to Sony Interactive Entertainment for comment.

PlayStation Plus Premium, Sony’s new service that will include these new trial versions, will be available for $119.99 annually or $17.99 monthly starting in June.

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