Predator: Hunting Grounds comes to PS4 in 2020

The lore of 1987 action classic Predator returns to video games with Predator: Hunting Grounds, an asymmetric, cooperative/competitive multiplayer game from IllFonic, the studio that made a Friday the 13th video game along the same lines.

Predator: Hunting Grounds was revealed during PlayStation’s State of Play event this evening. It will launch in 2020 on PlayStation 4. The very brief teaser trailer above does not show gameplay, but it does suggest that whoever is in charge of the Predator will have access to its super skills and technology, such as active camo and that menacing, guttural purr.

Charles Brungardt, IllFonic’s chief executive, said that, in the game, one group of players will control a fire team that packs conventional firepower; one player assumes the Predator role, and gets to use its trademark Plasmacaster. The paramilitary guys will be tasked with shooting up bad guys and recovering loot as the Predator closes in, tracking and ambushing its prey.

Brungardt said that Illfonic is partnering with Sony Interactive Entertainment and 20th Century Fox to bring the game to PS4. Illfonic developed and published the crowdfunded Friday the 13th: The Game, based on the film series of the same name, back in 2017. But the company ended its support and plans for downloadable content in light of a related lawsuit against the licensor who made the deal to make the game.

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