Red Dead Online gets a chilling Halloween pass

Red Dead Online gets scary for Halloween with a new seasonal pass.

The purchasable upgrade starts today and runs till Nov. 16 — who said the spooky season had to end right after Halloween? — and includes multiple rewards across 20 ranks, including a sick machete, creepy photo studio backgrounds, and a Gothic theme for your moonshine bar. Some rewards, like the Phantom Buck Horse Mask and one of the camera filters, will be available to unlock for free.

This is the first Halloween pass for Red Dead Online. While the pass includes a bunch of macabre décor, mystical takes on weapons, and new rewards, it doesn’t add a new campaign mode. Players wishing for an experience like popular Red Dead Redemption expansion pack, Undead Nightmare, won’t be getting that with Red Dead Redemption 2.


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Like other passes, the Halloween Pass can be found through the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalogue or via the progress menu. Everything unlocked during the pass season will be kept after it expires.

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