Sony demonstrates ‘PlayStation 5’ in new video

During Sony’s Investors Relations Day in Japan, the company talked more about its next generation console (likely called the PlayStation 5, though no official name has been confirmed yet). It also demonstrated the capabilities of the new hardware in a video.

The return of PlayStation Now confirms that Sony will continue their game subscription streaming service. There were no details about which older console games will be supported via Now. Backwards compatibility has already been confirmed, but there’s no word on whether Now will include PlayStation 3 games, which the PS4 couldn’t play.

An exclusive by Wired noted that the next PlayStation would be getting some dramatic GPU and CPU updates, allowing for ray tracing as well as 3D audio. The report also noted that the next generation console would rely on an improved SSD to quicken load times. During Investors Day, the company demoed this functionality, comparing load times and performance between the PS4 Pro and the presumed-PS5, which you can see below. It’s the first time the public has caught a glimpse of what the next generation console will be capable of.

Sony won’t be at E3 this year, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the big console reveal.

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