A Gummy’s Life: Juicy Fruit

Human Fall Flat brought me into the world of the physics platforming genre with its flimsy, rubbery, and awkward player-controlled character taking on various physics-based puzzles. Things got a lot more heated and intense when I finally discovered Gang Beasts, playing against my nephews as they absolutely decimated me with their quick moves and, well, ganging up on me. I lost interest in the genre pretty quickly, but decided to check out A Gummy’s Life. The party game was originally released on PC, but has made its way to Nintendo Switch in a move that seems to have been a fruitful one.

A Gummy’s Life is a party game through and through. You take on the role of humanoid gummy candies who battle it out for supremacy in a variety of different party games. The physics of the game feel tight – as tight as it can be with the same sort of “flimsy, rubbery, and awkward” characters that you’ll control.

The different game modes, such as Hot Potato and Team Deathmatch, all offer up fun variations of trying to either be the last one standing, or the one with the most points by the end of the match. My personal favorite game was the soccer match, which is pretty self-explanatory, but has an additional strategy of just beating the juice out of your opponent instead of actually scoring goals.

In fact, a lot of games are decided in this manner. Even with the CPU opponents, I found myself having to play extra defensively instead of working towards the actual objective of the match. As someone who thrives in this sort of broken-down chaos, I was all in and had a blast wailing on other players (both CPU and nephew-controlled).

Even with its mild cartoon violence, A Gummy’s Life is definitely a game that’s suited to a younger crowd, making the move to Switch that much more lucrative. Controls are straightforward and simple, easy enough to quickly pick up on the Joy-Con controllers. As an older player, though, I find it hard to imagine that I’ll be choosing to play A Gummy’s Life over another game like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Granted, they aren’t exactly the same kind of game, but it’s pretty close.

A Gummy’s Life is solid for what it is. It definitely feels like a game that belongs on the Switch, even more than it belongs on PC. The overall experience is great for younger players, but can be equally as fun as an option for family game night. Nice and juicy.

A Switch copy of A Gummy’s Life was provided to TheGamer for this review. A Gummy’s Life is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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