A Lego Spider-Man Minifig Based On The PS4 Game Will Be Available Exclusively At SDCC

In the run up to San Diego Comic-Con, toymakers of all stripes introduce new statues and figures and collaborative products to sell exclusively at the convention. It ends up getting the brand talked about and brings people to the booth to maybe buy more than just an exclusive item. Some try to up the ante, as is the case with this exclusive Spider-Man minifig based on Insomniac’s PS4 game. To get this bad boy, you’re going to need luck.

The minifig will be available exclusively to SDCC attendees, but only through random draw on July 18. So you have to attend the San Diego Comic-Con, draw your number, and hope you win, but at least it’s instant-win so you will know very fast whether or not your day has gotten a lot better.

San Diego Comic-Con runs from July 18 through July 21.

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