Another Fire Emblem Character Still Makes More Sense Than Waluigi

Nintendo broke the internet last week when it dropped the bomb that yet another Fire Emblem character would be joining the fighting ranks of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. And while gamers have taken this news in a pretty interesting number of ways, one common reaction from fans who had anticipated one of their faves being added to the game has been disappointment. For those who had hoped for Dante, Sora, or Waluigi, Nintendo crushed those dreams with another Fire Emblem fighter.

However, let’s talk about that last hypothetical addition – Waluigi. Look, I know he’s a fan-favorite (mostly because of the fact that Nintendo cares so little for him in comparison to their other characters). He’s relatable, he’s funny, and he’s kinda sad. However, no matter how you feel about Byleth’s addition to Smash, one thing is obvious – another Fire Emblem character still makes way more sense than Waluigi ever will.

Additionally, Byleth’s Smash fight moves make sense and reference the world they’re from. Byleth calls upon the Heroes’ Relics of each of the house leaders in Three Houses and has the ability to wield each of them, which is technically something we haven’t seen before, even with past Fire Emblem characters.

What does Waluigi have? Maybe like a tennis racquet or something? Maybe a go-kart, if you’re feeling generous. The poor guy has never been the lead in a Super Mario game, so regardless of his abilities, it’s always gonna be overshadowed by Mario and co.

However, even if we were to count Waluigi’s stint as an athlete, the Smash Bros. Peach and Daisy avatars already use sports items to attack. So, there’s really nothing left for Waluigi. (How the heck could he attack people with a go-kart?)

Sure, another Fire Emblem character isn’t ideal, but when you really break it down, it still makes a heck of a lot more sense than adding Waluigi.

After all, his only real claim to fame is his status as a meme.

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