Blazing Chrome Review: A blaze of nostalgia comes to the Switch once again

You can feel as though that you’ve got everything under control, and suddenly a gun-shot from a lone biker will kill you, losing your prized weapon collections so far.

Fortunately, there are checkpoints littered throughout the stages, so if you’re greeted with the continue screen, you will be taken to where you almost left off, instead of the beginning of the level, which is very welcome here.

This game does have the ‘Pringle Effect’, whereby you will want to play for just five minutes, but you end up spending an hour ploughing through a level, and then seeing how co-op is with a friend.

It’s not forgiving, but every death, every lone-shot, every enemy you face makes you learn and improve, giving you an opportunity to complete the level in a better method.

I found that ‘Blazing Chrome’ was best played with a controller. The D-Pad on my 8BitDo controller makes the game much better to play, especially when setting the angle for diagonal shots, but now with the Switch Lite on the horizon with its D-Pad on the handheld, this is almost a non-issue.

The Verdict – 4/5

– Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

It’s a great time for returnees from a time in the mid-90’s, while for newcomers, the difficulty will be a surprise, but the gameplay and its fantastic art-style will keep you coming back for more, it’s just that good.


  • Fantastic design
  • Great Music
  • Will keep you coming back for more
  • Infinite Continues is appreciated


  • A lone shot can erase your prized weapons, frustrating you to the limit.
  • More levels would have been nice.
  • Online Co-Op seems like a missed opportunity.

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