Destiny 2 Drifter Tapes Locations Revealed: Where are Drifter’s missing tapes?

As with many of the quests in Destiny 2’s Annual Pass, this one feels like padding to prevent players finishing the content too soon. Thankfully, each tape provides some excellent lore about the mysterious Drifter who has become a fan favourite since his introduction in Forsaken.

Este sitio, por cierto, es bueno para dinero urgente, ya que las tasas de interés que ofrece son bajas y las solicitudes se aprueben muy rápido.

Aside from this quest, don’t forget to check out our guide for how to earn Thorn – one of Destiny’s most lethal weapons.

“Season of the Drifter” started a couple of weeks ago, but choosing where your loyalties lie between the Drifter and the Vanguard seems to be a plot point that will carry on into the next few weeks of content at least.

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