Destiny 2’s Core Gambit Game Mode Is So Irrelevant It Wasn’t Mentioned Once In Their 3600-Word Report

I’m one of the few people who actually like Gambit. I think it’s fun to kill mobs as quickly as possible, to dive into portals and hear The Drifter’s maniacal laughter when you manage to pull off a full team wipe.

But even if I like Gambit, I have to at least acknowledge that of the three core Destiny 2 activities, other people seem to place Gambit squarely at the bottom of their to-do list. The meme is that nobody plays Gambit and there might be some truth to that. The Gambit changes implemented in Beyond Light of integrating Gambit and Gambit Prime into a single, shortened game mode have certainly made matches shorter, but they’ve also reduced the back-and-forth aspects of Gambit. It’s harder than ever to come back from a losing position in Gambit now that the matches are so short.

To be honest, it sort of seemed to me like those Beyond Light changes to Gambit were less about making better Gambit matches and more about just making Gambit matches shorter so that Guardians could get their Bright Dust and be done with Gambit sooner. Getting rid of Gambit Prime just simplified the mode even further so that new players wouldn’t accidentally wander into a Prime match and get slaughtered by Gambit veterans (which do exist, believe it or not).

At the time, it felt like Bungie was shelving Gambit. And after last week’s state-of-the-game report, a long-winded announcement where Bungie delayed The Witch Queen and laid out sweeping changes to come in the next few seasons, I’m more convinced than ever that Bungie has sort of forgotten about Gambit.

Out of 3,600 words, Bungie didn’t spare a single one for Gambit. Not one. Nerfs to Stasis, a renewed focus on PvP game modes like Trials of Osiris, but Gambit? Left out in the cold, forgotten.

I’m certain this was merely an oversight. After all, Gambit is one of Destiny’s “core” playlist activities. So many quests and bounties require Gambit runs that to ignore Gambit is basically like ignoring a third of the game.

So to help Bungie out, here are a few thoughts on how Gambit could be improved over the next few seasons:

Better Rewards – Bring back a Gambit-only Ritual weapon, like Python, Breakneck, or Exit Strategy. And while we’re at it, maybe bring back the Gambit-only Legendary weapons too. I miss my Bygones so much, and Pillager was my favorite SMG all throughout Shadowkeep. And how about reprised Gambit armor? Man, those were some cool-ass armors.

Slightly Longer, Closer Matches – I’m not opposed to having each Gambit match last just 7-6 minutes, but there needs to be a feeling that a team can come back from a losing position. Maybe have those glowy monsters start coming out earlier for the losing side? Maybe limit the number of invades for a team that’s winning? Or maybe give teams a bonus to their Primeval damage if they’ve been losing the entire match?

More Drifter – Look, Drifter is the best part of Gambit, so just put more of him in the game. And I don’t mean more of him in Gambit matches, since he already comments on gameplay quite a bit–I mean more of Drifter in the story. He was the best part of Season of Arrivals, and he had a few great lines in Beyond Light too (even though some of them were stolen by Ghost). Just give us more Drifter, ‘kay?

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