Every Mario Bro Has Custom-Made Hats… Except Waluigi

Nintendo is a company of consistency above all else, and this extends to its resident sad sack Waluigi. In its quest to keep Waluigi a step below other Mario characters, Nintendo apparently added a sad detail to Waluigi’s outfit in Super Mario Party. Apparently the poor guy can’t even get a proper hat.

A Nintendo fan with too much time on their hands gave a close look at Waluigi and the more legitimate Mario Bros., and discovered that Super Mario Party has some detailed textures. Take a look at a render of the main man Mario, ripped by DeviantArt user Nintega-Dario. Note that the “M” on Mario’s hat is sewn on. You can even see the individual threads that make it up, if you zoom in enough.

Luigi got the same treatment, and has his “L” sewn on. This implies that our heroes get their hats handmade, perhaps even custom for them specifically. After all, why would a store carry full stock of a bunch of “M” and “L” hats. Are there a lot of Michaels and Larrys running around the Mushroom Kingdom?

Wario is a weirder case. You can’t really tell how his “W” is attached, or what it’s made of. One thing is for sure, though–the piece is firmly attached. This is not the case for Waluigi. Take a look at the purple man’s high-quality render from Super Mario Party.

That updside-down “L” is clearly a sticker, one that’s starting to peel off on the top right corner. For whatever reason, Waluigi does not get a custom-made sewn hat, or even whatever technique is being used to keep Wario’s bulky “W” attached.

Redditor u/Not-Normal-Robot asserts that Waluigi can’t afford a good hat. Another explanation is that Mario and Luigi are heroes, so they can get handmade hats easily. Mushroom Kingdom artisans might be less inclined to take custom requests from the dastardly Wario Bros.

It gets sadder when you remember that Wario claimed use of “W” as his symbol. Little brother Waluigi has probably gotten used to not finding things with his second-rate logo on them, and bulk ordered a bunch of “L” stickers so that he could make his own branded products.

Whatever the explanation for Waluigi’s budget hat, it’s an interesting and odd detail to include. Especially in a game where many players probably won’t go looking for lore. This deepening of Waluigi’s tragic backstory will probably win him even more ironic fans, but remember: he still doesn’t belong in Smash.

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Header image source: Raf Grassetti

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