Glasses Can Save Your Villager From Embarrassment In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing players have had a long and bloody relationship with wasps since the very first game. Wasps were the franchise’s very first “harmful” bug, and while they may have some competition in New Horizons with the inclusion of scorpions and tarantulas, an accidental encounter with a wasp nest is still the king of annoyances in Animal Crossing.

Players encounter wasps by shaking trees around their town or island. Shaking down trees is an almost integral part of the Animal Crossing experience, as they usually drop furniture pieces, sacks of Bells, and occasionally, nests full of wasps. As one might expect, these wasps aren’t especially happy to have their home disturbed, and swarm from the fallen nest to chase players all around town.

Wasps will only disperse if players run into a building, quit the game, or turn around and catch the swarm with a bug net. In New Horizons, wasps will also disperse if players manage to hit save and continue fast enough. Those who fail to do any of the above will be subjected to a vicious stinging, leaving the player’s avatar with a horribly swollen eye that can only be removed with medicine or by waiting until the next day.

Your character’s swollen eye isn’t pretty to look at, and even worse, your villagers make a point of commenting on just how bad you look.

Well, New Horizons has offered players a way to mitigate your villagers’ humiliating reactions. Twitter user @ScaryFlubber noticed that villagers won’t react if stung players speak to them while wearing glasses or a mask fashion accessory.

So if you’ve been stung, can’t find any medicine, and can’t stand to have another villager demand to know what happened to your face, just equip a pair of sunglasses or a mask. Your villagers won’t be able to tell! With any luck, you’ll only need this as a last resort for sparing your dignity, but it’s great to know in case your net breaks or Tom Nook closes his shop doors right in front of your face.

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