Horror Series The Exorcist: Legion VR Confirmed for Oculus Quest

If you’re looking for a decent horror title on PC virtual reality (VR) headsets or PlayStation VR then you can’t go too far wrong with Wolf & Wood’s five-part series The Exorcist: Legion VR. Recently the studio has now confirmed that the horror title will be making its way to Oculus Quest this Spring.

Wolf & Wood has stated if The Exorcist: Legion VR will be a launch day title, stating in a press release that: “The Exorcist: Legion VR will be coming to Oculus Quest this Spring. We are incredibly excited [about] the Quest platform and will be releasing more information such as release dates over the next several weeks.”

Oculus Quest has already seen quite a few titles announced for launch, yet there really hasn’t been any horror experiences. Being that the horror genre works so well in VR, it’s nice to see Oculus Quest getting a wide variety of support, hopefully covering all gameplay genres.

“The most exciting thing about VR is how it does away with the rectangular constraints of the computer screen or television,” explains Fun Train CEO Douglas Nabors on Oculus Blog. “It allows players to step across the proscenium and into the worlds of the games they play.”

The Exorcist: Legion VR on Quest can scale to a user’s play space, however big or small,” adds Nabors. “With a large space and without the need for computers or wires, users can physically explore The Exorcist’s virtual environments as if they’re actually there… but only if they’re brave enough.”

Being a five-part horror series, each chapter of The Exorcist: Legion VR has its own unique story which is then part of a large story arc. Players step into the shoes of a Boston homicide detective tasked with investigating a series of ritualistic murders, including a priest at a local church. They have all the makings of a serial killer but it soon becomes apparent at the cause is far more demonic.

VRFocus gave it four-stars in our review, saying: “Its the presentation where The Exorcist: Legion VR shines. It is not long or complex, but it has bags of atmosphere and says what it needs to say with panache. The sense of presence is used effectively to give you a properly immersive horror experience.” As further updates are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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