Monster Hunter Rise’s New Flagship Monster Is Basically Zinogre, Right?

The more I see of Monster Hunter Rise, the more it’s becoming my most anticipated game of 2021. I’ve dug the hidden ninja village aesthetic since the start, and addition of loyal canine steeds is true blessed content. The newest trailer, and announcement of a demo, only upped my excitement. We can ride monsters now!? There’s going to be more amiibo? There’s an ogre-yeti hybrid that makes ice blades? Oh, and there’s also a new flagship monster that’s basically tiger Zinogre.

The new flagship monster’s name is Magnamalo, and it actually has a really cool design. Going with the traditional Japanese look of the game, Magnamalo appears to be based on a mythological tiger–Raikou from Pokemon is another example of such a creature. Its sinister purple hide is complimented by its sharp carapace. It’s a fearsome beast worthy of its spot on the game’s cover. But when I saw it leaping about and smashing its claws during the trailer, I couldn’t help but think of Zinogre.

That’s because Magnamalo uses the exact same attack in the latest Monster Hunter Rise trailer, right down to the animation.

I do have to acknowledge that is is probably 100% intentional on the developers’ part. The series has a long history of monsters with similar body types and attack patterns. From a gameplay perspective, it allows a game to have a lot of monsters without overloading players with tons of possible strategies to memorize. From a story perspective, it’s how nature works. Many animals that share an ecosystem develop similar traits to survive.

The monsters of Monster Hunter have official classifications based on this idea. Magnamalo shares the Fanged Wyvern classification with Zinogre. So them both being aggressive brutes that use their powerful forelegs to crush foes seems like an entirely intentional thing. And Magnamalo does have its unique traits, such as a new hellfire element that it shoots out of its tail. All that acknowledged, the Zinogre similarities make me a little less excited to take on Magnamalo. Instead, I want to see more of this guy.

Look at this boss. Goss Harag is a resident of the snowy area of Monster Hunter Rise. Again, we see Japanese mythology influencing its design. But it also looks like a Yeti. Goss Harag’s special ability is an icy breath that it uses to create weapons on its arm. As you can see in the photo, it prefers a long blade. It looks scary as hell but also a blast to fight. Here’s hoping it also has a cool armor set and a glaive inspired by its power.

Magnamalo is definitely going to be a popular monster, and it’ll probably have good armor that makes it a mainstay. But Goss Harag definitely deserves the same treatment. I also wouldn’t mind figures or a plushy of the yeti boy. Just saying, Capcom…

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