New Fan Trailer Teases The End Of Pokémon

After 22 seasons of the anime and 18 movies, Pokémon fans finally tease the end of Ash Ketchum’s story, and it is disturbing. In a fan-trailer from YouTube channel Octopie – produced by the Castlevania series producer Adi Shankar – Pikachu has died, leaving Ash with nothing but hatred for the violence of Pokémon battles. He dons a Pikachu mask and becomes a vigilante, aiming to free all Pokémon from battles and whims of the evil Team Rocket. 

This trailer has everything you never wanted to see from the Pokémon series: an attacking Magikarp with huge, sharp teeth, the S.S. Anne re-named as the S.S. Annihilation, and the return of anime favorites Jesse and James, but not how you remember them. Fair warning, this trailer is graphic, and I weep for all Ninetales fans who choose to watch. 

Will the Pokémon be set free? Or will chaos consume the world? We think it’s unlikely that more content will be released from this trailer’s warped Pokémon universe, so we are left to wonder.

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