Pokemon Go’s Season of Heritage Has A Chance To Right The Game’s Wrongs

Pokemon Go has just announced the Season of Heritage, a new event that follows in the footsteps of the spooky Season of Mischief that has bridged the last three months of mobile monster-catching mayhem. As I’ve written about before, these will be big, Hoopa-sized shoes to fill, but I’m looking to the future with a positive mindset, and the Season of Heritage announcement makes me more excited about the game than ever.

The obvious crossover in terms of design is with Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which releases towards the end of the Pokemon Go season. From the tea-stained, Olde Timey look to the logo, to Mount Coronet in the background, the Season of Heritage is a clear reference to the Hisui region (albeit with a nod to Gen 2’s Ecruteak City thrown in there too), and fans are hyped to see the likes of Basculegion, Wyrdeer, and potential Hisuian starter forms in the mobile game.

However, I’m more curious about the ‘Heritage’ part of the announcement. I understand that heritage also links to the ancient Hisui region, but hopefully Niantic will take a look back at other regions, too. We’re still missing vital Pokemon from multiple generations, and taking a good look back could provide ample opportunity to complete those Pokedexes and earn those precious platinum medals.

Kecleon is the first (and only) Pokemon that should be added when we look at the heritage of Hoenn. We can assume that Arceus will tie into the release of Legends – potentially even being the reward of the Season Research like Hoopa last time around – but it would be great to add Shaymin, Phione, Manaphy, and Rotom while the game is looking back at Sinnoh. At the very least, Rotom needs to be added – Mythicals can come later for all I care, as they’re not truly tied to any game in particular.

I would also assume that Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark will join the Go festivities with the inevitable Legends event, so it would be good to see their Unovan forms added too. That is admittedly unlikely, but the Pokedex format in Go means that catching the Hisuian variant will fill your Unovan Pokedex regardless, so I don’t mind either way. That just leaves Druddigon, Larvesta, Volcarona, and Kyurem for Gen 5 to be complete. Again, Keldeo would be nice but I’m not that attached to Mythicals.

That’s nine Pokemon (plus four Mythicals) to finish off three Pokedexes, and bring us basically up to speed with where the game is at in terms of adding new Pokemon. Yes, a couple of Sword & Shield Pokemon have been added, but we’re still midway through the Gen 6 rollout really.

Admittedly, the likes of Kecleon and Zoroark have unique abilities that Niantic wants to implement well into the mobile game, but they’ve had plenty of time to work out what to do. Mew and Celebi both disappear in AR mode when you try to catch them – that’s a pseudo-Silph Scope if ever I saw one – and Ditto transforms in the wild, perfect for adapting for the Zorua line.

Maybe I’m a completionist, but the Season of Heritage is the ideal opportunity to finish past generations and move Pokemon Go into the future. After all, that’s what Legends: Arceus will do for the main series – dive into a historical Pokemon era while pushing the boundaries of Pokemon games further than they’ve ever gone before.

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