Team-based Multiplayer Space Ops VR Arrives 30th May

Virtual reality (VR) developer DevCubeStudio only announced its latest project Space Ops VR a couple of weeks ago and today the team has revealed when it’ll be available, arriving on Steam, Thursday 30th May.

Being published by Fibrum – the company behind Desirium – Space Ops VR is a co-op first-person shooter putting you in the shoes of a rookie Space Ops recruit. Friends can band together in this Starship Troopers looking experience to complete various training objectives against some rather larger and monstrous alien enemies.

First-time players will be able to hone their skills in solo basic training and sandbox modes, playing around with an assortment of destructive weaponry. Kinetic, Beam and Plasma guns can cut down hostiles while grenades and other explosives will send them flying, Check out the new trailer at the bottom of the page to see some of these in action.

And there’s the PvE and PvP gameplay inside the Arena Mode. Whether it’s all out carnage against other players or completing objectives to move the mission on, Space Ops VR aims to feature a wide variety of gameplay types including a score-based mode that features leaderboards and a skill-based matchmaking system.

DevCubeStudio claims to have designed a unique teleportation system, stating: “Unique to the game is a special tactical teleportation system that combines teleportation and a dodge manoeuvre to help you get a leg up on your foes, but misuse can also put you at a disadvantage.”

At launch on 30th May Space Ops VR will support Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. In the coming weeks, VRFocus will let you know when we get our hands on the title.

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