The Kaiser 3 gaming chair has a comfy leather seat and magnetic headrest

The dark evenings are setting in and gaming season is upon us.

So it’s time to check your set-up and think about investing in a pro gaming chair if you’re serious about long sessions in front of the console and want to avoid backache.

Chairmakers Andaseat hope their new Kaiser 3 unit will tick most boxes for players this winter.

The product has a premium price at £400-odd but offers a premium result.

So while it may well be a bit too pricey for some in the cost of living crisis, there will be others looking for a top chair that fits the bill and are willing to splash out.

And we can tell you this is one comfy seat, ideal for extensive gaming battles in online multiplayer titles like the new Call of Duty, Halo Infinite or Fortnite.

There’s that all-important lumber support built into the base of the back.

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Some cheaper seats like to offer a cushion of sorts but this one is inside the fabric and controlled by knobs on the sides of the chair.

It’s not too obtrusive but gives enough of a curve to force you to sit properly and not slouch, which ultimately benefits your body during long hours sitting.

There’s plenty of dense foam padding underneath the soft leatherette design.

It means a nice spongey seating experience for the bottom and elements of side support to give a slight enclosed feeling.

There’s even a 160° recline and five locking positions, meaning you can get a real lean back on this bad boy for an almost bed-like rest at the most extreme.

The arm rests go in four different directions, allowing you to adjust them to your gaming style, getting the wrist and elbow positions for the controller just right.

And for extra head support, there’s a snap-on magnetic memory foam pillow which really aided comfort, like a fancy car seat.

Assembly out of the box is quick and intuitive and at 28.5kg it’s weighty but very moveable around the home if you want to game in different places.

The sturdy aluminium base with 65mm quiet rubber castors helps you to swing around a room too if you’re grabbing that vital snack moment while gaming.

For variation, there are nine different colours to choose from.

We like the classic black leather style but there’s far more funky pinks, oranges and greens if you want it to stand out more.

Overall, this is a well padded swanky looking gaming chair.

One that’s clearly been made with a lot of thought to comfort and correct seating posture.

It is pricey, and for many players big cost items might not be the right font for now, but you do get quality. And your back will thank you for it.


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