Why Does Genshin Impact Hate Anna So Much?

If you’ve been playing Genshin Impact for a while, you might be aware of a character named Anna. She’s a minor NPC, so she hasn’t grabbed the headlines in the way Diluc, Childe, or Hu Tao has, but she’s one of the most interesting background figures. She’s involved in a daily quest, and the game absolutely hates her.

Anna is part of the quest Recuperating From A Serious Illness, which tasks you with fetching some medicine for her. However, you need to complete this quest several times before she is totally cured. Anna is placed in a bad situation by the game, in that it gives her this mysterious illness, but that’s not what I mean when I say the game hates her. She’s a character put through bad things – it happens. The reason it feels like the game hates her is because this quest is incredibly rare.

The fact it needs to be repeated makes things worse, but even getting it once is hard enough. Because it’s entirely down to chance, you can’t force the game to give you it either. I really want to help Anna and her brother out; she offers one of Genshin Impact’s most grounded stories and she’s a very real part of the world. RPGs are full of repetitive fetch quests that don’t really matter, but Anna’s is one I actually want to bother myself to tick off – and yet I can’t. The rarity of the quest does make me more aware of it, and the fact I can’t complete it only makes me want it more. Still, it feels more important than a lot of Genshin Impact busy work, so it’s a shame I can’t prioritise it.

Anna and her brother Anthony are a constant presence in the game too, so even if I wanted to ignore it, I couldn’t. She loiters around the Mondstadt water fountain, and is generally a bit of a downer. Obviously, she has a reason to be gloomy, but when we have the ability to help, it’s frustrating that the game doesn’t actually let us. “Here’s a really sad woman, she needs some mushrooms to make some life saving medicine. Yeah, those mushrooms up on that cliff you can climb up! You can’t give them to her right now though. Check back every day for the next four months and maybe we’ll let you give them to her then!”

I haven’t played Genshin Impact every day since launch, but I’ve kept up with it fairly regularly, and I still haven’t been able to fully heal Anna. It’s not just me losing out to some weird quirk of RNG either; for a while I assumed I was missing something, so I did a quick search online, and it turns out thousands of players have this same issue. All you can do is wait until an Anna quest rolls around in dailies, and until then you’re powerless to do anything. The quest line doesn’t really affect much in the game, nor are the rewards particularly worth it, so it’s not a huge inconvenience to wait for it. But damn, why does Genshin Impact hate Anna so much?

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