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If you’ve only played Beat Saber’s default levels, you’re missing out! A community of enthusiasts have created lots of unofficial levels which are easy to install, many featuring recognizable tunes that make the game even more fun. We’ve got a list of 11 great community-made custom songs for Beat Saber that are definitely worth a try.

First thing’s first: if you haven’t installed any custom songs for Beat Saber yet, click over to this simple guide to install the mods you need to download and play custom songs.

Second: this list is focused on Expert-level play; if you’re still playing Beat Saber at Hard or lower difficulty, consider continuing to practice with the default levels, as custom songs skew toward even higher difficulty, and not all custom songs include difficulties easier than Expert and Hard (some have Expert+!).

So, once you’ve got the mods installed, you’ll find a ‘Beatsaver’ button insider of Beat Saber on the main menu. Clicking on it will show you all of the custom songs available for download. There’s many to choose from, but the quality of each beat map can be hit or miss. So here’s some fun and challenging songs to get started (don’t miss the ‘Search’ button at the top of the list inside the game to find these easily):

  • Believer – Imagine Dragons (Beat map by Rustic)
  • Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars (Beat map by BennyDaBeast)
  • Hyper Drive – Jaroslav Beck, Generdyn (Beat map author unknown)
  • New Dawn – PrototypeRaptor (Beat map by Rustic)
  • Popcorn Funk – Monstaz. (Beat map by Rustic)
  • Can’t’ Stop The Feeling! – Justin Timberlake (Beat map by BennyDaBeast)
  • Uso No Hibana (V2 fixed) – 96Neko (Beat map by WinEpic)
  • Never Sleep Alone – Kaskade (Beat map author unknown)
  • Burn – Ellie Goulding (Beat map by BennyDaBeast)
  • X Gon’ Give It To Ya – DMX (Beat map by attackpanda11)
  • Harder Better Faster Stronger – Daft Punk (Beat map by RunRockGame)

It seems that the best Beat Saber levels find a way to make your movements reflect the feeling of each song, and that’s certainly exhibited in many of the above. Thanks to all the community members who have put these quality beat maps together for the rest of us.

Know a great custom song for Beat Saber that’s not on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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