Half-Life: Alyx Gets 40% Discount Sale for First Anniversary

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    Now through March 31st you can pick up Half-Life: Alyx on sale at a 40% discount in celebration of the game’s one year anniversary.

    Half-Life: Alyx is clearly one of the best VR games released thus far, and if you’ve somehow avoided playing it up to this point, here’s one more reason to give it a look: the game is currently on sale for its best price yet: a 40% discount, bringing it to $35. The greatest discount the game had seen previously was 25%.

    The big sale comes on the one year anniversary of Half-Life: Alyx’s release, which very closely mirrors the onset of the Coronavirus in the US (where developer Valve is located), and which nearly delayed the release of the game.

    Since its release, Alyx has seen universal acclaim, leading it to become Steam’s best and most rated VR game to date.

    Also since launch, the game has been updated with hours of in-game developer commentary and modding tools which has allowed the game’s community to create additional content and tweaks.

    Speaking of mods, games journalist Craig Pearson rounded up a bunch of his favorites for the occasion. Check out his full breakdown here, or catch the shortlist below for some Alyx mods you don’t want to miss:

    • Campaign+
    • Handheld Combine Shield
    • Recurve Bow
    • Glorious Gloves
    • Auto Pickup
    • Energetic Hands
    • Sustenance Mod
    • Gordon’s Crowbar
    • C17YSCAPE
      • Overcharge
      • Belomorskaya Station
      • Brewery Break-In
      • Goon Squad
      • Xenthug
      • BLOPS17: Emergent
      • Minigolf
      • Northern Star Bowling

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