'Iron Man' is Coming to PlayStation VR in 2019, Trailer Here – Road to VR

Sony today announced a number of games coming to PS4 and PSVR, among which was Marvel’s Iron Man VR.

PlayStation Worldwide Studios, Camoflage and Marvel Games today announced Iron Man VR as a part of Sony’s inaugural episode of ‘State of Play’, a livestreaming showcase dedicated to announcements and updates around PS4 and PSVR games.

The company says Iron Man VR should be landing on PSVR headsets sometime in 2019. From the trailer, linked above and below, we see Iron Man jumping from a plane and going about a shooting mission, which could foretell PS Move support. Some of the video is labeled ‘Not Actual Gameplay’, although that particular part isn’t.

There’s currently a page dedicated to the game, although it appears the URL is broken at the time of this writing, meaning information about the game is still thin on the ground. We’ll check back with more as the website goes live.

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