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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Preview – An Hour With Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's Combat And Open(ish) World – Game Informer

Final Fantasy VII Remake felt like the realization of an impossible dream when it launched in 2020. Not only did it feel willed into existence after years of fan requests, but it largely lived up to sky-high expectations based on its generally positive reception. Tack on a good story expansion with the Yuffie-focused Intermission, and the series is riding a […]

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Starfield Review – Overwhelming Scope – Game Informer

Even in the increasingly crowded marketplace of big, expansive games, Starfield stands out. Leveraging the gameplay Bethesda popularized with The Elder Scrolls and Fallout games, Starfield expands the breadth of exploration to a galaxy of solar systems, planets, and ships. It populates those environments with a rich palette of activities and missions that tap into the outer space fantasy. It’s […]

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