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Censorship Is Real, But It’s Not Happening To M&Ms

Three seemingly unrelated stories have gone viral this week. Firstly, the M&Ms were given new shoes. Secondly, a Tennessee school board banned Maus. And third, Minnie Mouse has been given a Stella McCartney pantsuit for Disneyland Paris' 30th anniversary. These feel like very different stories, and two of them feel quite frivolous, while the banning of Maus (a graphic novel […]

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Sega Leaving The Arcade Business Is The End Of An Era

It's rare in gaming that you can say anything is truly the 'end of an era'. Eras, by definition, are long stretches of time. Gaming, relatively speaking, is a fairly young medium. Kojima leaving Konami was the end of an era, but after that I'm struggling. We call it the 'end of an era' when a cult Xbox 360 finally […]

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Hell Is Shido’s Persona 5 Palace

Persona 5 might be the game I have the strangest relationship with – even stranger than the fact you can date your kinda sorta step-sister and your teacher in the game. You can date them both at once, if you wanna mix and match your Orange YouTube categories. And yes, I know Futaba isn't quite your step-sister, please don't email […]

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Lost Recipes Review: Refreshing & Educational VR Cooking

Lost Recipes aims to strike a balance between engaging VR gameplay and educational cooking simulator – but does it find the right mix of ingredients, or does it all go up in flames? Read on for our Lost Recipes review. Turning the Tables Cooking can be a notoriously frantic activity, especially for those who are new to the kitchen or […]

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