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Biggest Video Games News Of The Week

The final week of February delivered two livestream showcases that revealed several major games still to come in 2021. We’ve got news about the next Final Fantasy 7 release, a Pokemon remake, and a brand new Pokemon game that fans have been asking about for years. While there are plenty of new games to get excited about, we also have to […]

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The 3DS Is Ten Years Old, And We Should All Miss It

It has been ten years since the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, and for a while I thought I wouldn’t mourn it, but it turns out I have. According to Nintendo’s website, the last first-party 3DS game released was Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn back in early 2019. It’s pretty safe to say that the 3DS had a good eight-year run, […]

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The Battle Of Polytopia Review: What An Adorably Violent War

While I like the Civilization series along with other popular 4x strategy games, they can be a little on the lengthy side. That’s why the idea of The Battle Of Polytopia appeals to me. It offers a bite-sized version of the typical 4x strategy experience with an adorable art style and a simplified tech tree of upgrades. However, this game’s […]

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Fortnite’s Crossovers Have Become Meaningless

Epic left itself with a mountain to climb after Fortnite season four. The entire season was Marvel-themed from the characters introduced at the start to the Galactus event that brought it to an end. After that, players were left wondering “now what?” How do you top a season in which one of the world’s most famous franchises was the running […]

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