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Ubisoft is bringing The Division to phones

Ubisoft is bringing The Division to mobile devices as part of its ongoing multimedia expansion of the Tom Clancy franchise. Alain Corre, executive director at Ubisoft, announced a mobile spin on The Division as part of a larger update on the franchise, but offered little in the way of detail. But based on a timeline of new products and content […]

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Xbox Game Pass adds MLB The Show 21, Destroy All Humans! remaster in April

Xbox Game Pass subscribers get the remastered version of Destroy All Humans!, MLB The Show 21, Phogs!, and a gameplay preview of dino-shooting Second Extinction over the last two weeks of April. Subscribers will also get cloud-streaming access to Xbox classics Fable Anniversary, and Fable 3. Speaking of the cloud, Microsoft has also updated several games with improved touch-screen controls […]

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How do slot machines work?

How to Play Slot Machines

The secret of slot machines is something that has always been a topic of conversation among friends and acquaintances. With the rise of online platforms such as, the interest in slot machines and games of chance has grown even more, and they continue to be the most popular game of chance in casinos. Are you one of those who […]

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Hot Shots Golf creators bring PlayStation-style golf to Apple

The PlayStation 4’s Everybody’s Golf, from the late summer of 2017, consumed dozens of hours of my time. Whether winding down from a core game or sports sim, or just the workday itself, and I was looking for something to play, Everybody’s Golf always won long stretches of my attention without ever asking for a big time commitment. Putting this […]

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Why today feels like a quiet turning point for video games

Industry-changing shifts are easier to spot in hindsight, long after hundreds of little decisions steered video games into a new epoch. The parallel rise of downloadable content, post-launch patches, and in-app purchases happened over years. Today is different. A significant amount of change is happening all at once, and you can see it in real time. On Friday morning, new […]

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Magic: The Gathering Arena arrives March 25 for mobile

The full release of Magic: The Gathering Arena will go live on the Apple App Store and Google Play on Thursday, on March 25. The digital adaptation of the original Magic: The Gathering card game has been available on PC platforms since 2019, and entered early access for Android devices in January of this year. Arena is a genuine version […]

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Final Fantasy creator’s new game has a cool diorama look and rethinks random encounters

Fantasian, the new adventure from Hironobu Sakaguchi’s studio Mistwalker, is a classic Japanese role-playing game at heart. Fantasian has it all: turn-based battles, an amnesiac hero, a cast of pretty protagonists on interweaving adventures, and, of course, an airship. But Fantasian stands out for one design decision that has garnered attention. Mistwalker’s RPG was built using more than 150 handcrafted […]

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The next PUBG mobile game is futuristic

A new PUBG battle royale is heading to mobile platforms. PUBG: New State is a new PUBG game developed by PUBG Studios. The developer announced the new game with a short trailer on Thursday morning. The trailer includes some of the things PUBG players might be used to like furious gun fights, vehicular chases, and a bit of silliness mixed […]

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Pokémon Go player becomes world’s first to hit level 50

Pokémon Go now has its first level 50 trainer, a feat that requires intense dedication and grinding. FleeceKing streamed his level up on Monday via Twitch, showcasing himself as the first level 50 player in the game, with another trainer, Lauren Bertoni, following shortly after. Both Bertoni and FleeceKing hail from Australia. Niantic increased Pokémon Go’s level cap from 40 […]

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