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Fortnite ‘blacklisted’ by Apple, Epic Games CEO says

Following a ruling in Fortnite creator Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney says Apple will blacklist Fortnite from its ecosystem until its appeals process makes the judgment final. “Apple lied,” Sweeney said on Twitter. “Apple spent a year telling the world, the court, and the press they’d ‘welcome Epic’s return to the App Store if they agree […]

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Netflix acquires Oxenfree developer Night School Studio

Netflix has acquired Oxenfree developer Night School Studio, the companies announced Tuesday. The game studio, known for its branching narratives, will create original games for the streaming platform’s nascent foray into video games. Night School Studio founder Sean Krankel said in a blog post about the acquisition that the company will continue working on Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals, which it […]

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Hearthstone’s new Mercenaries game mode drops the decks entirely

Hearthstone’s next game mode is Mercenaries, a turn-based RPG starring a tiny squad of Warcraft characters (and at least one non-Warcraft character). Players have a collection of Mercenary characters that they can pit against competing teams in both PvP and PvE modes. Blizzard will release Mercenaries on Oct. 12. Players will start with eight Mercenary characters and the main hub, […]

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This iPhone game looks 3D even without glasses

Some of the greatest games take the novel experiences of real life and translate them into a cunning virtual experience. For example, this train building game by James Vanas is reminiscent of the feeling of holding one of those plastic 3D bookmarks sold in tchotchke tourist shops. As you tilt it, the game moves like a holographic card. We have […]

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Netflix’s games will be mobile-focused and free for subscribers

Netflix is getting into gaming. The company’s new second-quarter shareholders letter seems to confirm reports from last week that the streaming giant is expanding into more interactive entertainment by providing the first real details about its gaming strategy. In the letter, released before its Q2 earnings report on Tuesday, Netflix explains that gaming will become a new content category for […]

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