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Is Giving Marketing Assignments to AI a Good Idea? –

There is no doubt that AI is essential to our daily lives. From household goods to office equipment, artificial intelligence is necessary for everyday tasks to run smoothly and efficiently. No wonder AI specialists have already designed programs to write university assignments on any topic. But the value of such writing is questionable. It is especially true for essays on […]

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Crash Team Rumble Gets June Release Date, Beta Next Month

Activision has revealed that Crash Team Rumble, the 4v4 competitive multiplayer game revealed at The Game Awards last year, will be released this June.  More specifically, Crash Team Rumble hits PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on June 20, as reported by Video Games Chronicle. Activision has also revealed that a closed beta will take place from […]

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Moss Developers Polyarc Announce Competitive Multiplayer VR Game

Polyarc, the developers behind the Moss franchise, announced a new in-development competitive multiplayer VR game today, sharing some artwork and announcing a playtest weekend for next month. The game’s title remains unconfirmed and there’s not a whole lot of specific details, however the artwork shared by Polyarc indicates it will continue the studio’s strong visual style established in Moss: Book […]

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Tchia Review – Simply Transformative Fun – Game Informer

Video games, unfairly simplified, all present a series of virtual tasks that must be performed for progress, and the player must decide if they enjoy doing those tasks. In some ways, Tchia eschews the idea of making you do anything by offering an open, exploration-based game filled with activities where, in nearly every case, completing them is optional. Don’t want […]

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Mesotherapy With Dermaheal – Review of the Procedure –

Mesotherapy is a cosmetological procedure aimed at stimulating cellular processes by introducing bioactive substances into the skin. Such an impact can be carried out with the aim of correcting the figure, rejuvenation, and biorevitalization, is a means of combating alopecia, pigmentation, acne, cellulite, and stress. As activators of internal mechanisms, both monopolize (hyaluronic acid, DMAE, betaine, caffeine) and multi-component compositions […]

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Check Out 11 Minutes Of Layers Of Fear Gameplay In New Trailer

Developer Bloober Team has released a new 11-minute trailer showcasing a heaping dose of Layers of Fear gameplay.  Last year, the studio revealed Layers of Fears, a “psychological horror chronicle built upon the foundations of the original Layers of Fear, Layers of Fear: Inheritance, and Layers of Fear 2.” Layers of Fears is essentially an Unreal Engine 5 collection of […]

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