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Unique Animal Crossing New Horizons Decor Ideas Using Gyroids

With the latest Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update, every player had their favorite new feature to rave about. From visiting Brewster to cooking food recipes, there was something for everyone to enjoy. No one anticipated the hype that came with the update of gyroids being added into New Horizons. Gyroids in Animal Crossing New Leaf were very different. At […]

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Genshin Impact: Electroculus Locations On Kannazuka, Inazuma

The Inazuma region brought 181 new oculi to Genshin Impact, electroculi to be exact. Whether you've been enjoying these egg hunts or are looking for a play-by-play handbook, we've got you covered. To block out your search into more digestible info, we've narrowed our focus to Kannazuma island for this article. There are twenty-nine electroculi spread across Tatarasuna and the […]

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Sverica Capital Management Announces Strategic Investment in Resonetics by Carlyle

Investment to Support Continued Growth and Expansion of Specialized Medical Device Contract Manufacturer NASHUA, N.H. & BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–December 3, 2021– Sverica Capital Management LP (“Sverica”) announced today that its portfolio company, Resonetics (or the “Company”), has sold a minority equity stake to funds affiliated with global investment firm Carlyle (NASDAQ: CG), valuing the Company at approximately $2.25 billion. Sverica initially […]

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Fallout 4: How To Recruit Robert MacCready As A Companion

Quick Links What Type Of Character Is Robert MacCready? How To Recruit Robert MacCready How To Reach Maximum Affinity With Robert MacCready Companions are a feature that adds personalization and choice to a role-playing game, and Fallout 4's followers are fantastic both because they have deep backstories and because they can interact with the world around them. There are lots […]

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Breath Of The Wild: Flown The Coop Quest Walkthrough

Quick Links Where To Start Flown The Coop Cucco Locations Rewards For Finishing Flown The Coop Kakariko Village is one of the first villages you will encounter when you play through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This mountain village is home to the Sheikah, an advanced race that appears throughout several Legend of Zelda games. In addition […]

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Amazon Web Services security: 5 issues startups aim to fix

Hear from CIOs, CTOs, and other C-level and senior execs on data and AI strategies at the Future of Work Summit this January 12, 2022. Learn more Even with all the challenges of securing the cloud, cybersecurity has actually evolved into one of the advantages of migrating to public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). When you approach […]

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